Classic School Days - Vintage American Journal Notebook Bundle

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Buy now and save 10% on this $84 bundle—now just $75.60!

6 Designs (4 of each): 24 total

We're delighted to offer these notebook reproductions, once meant for school children of yesteryear, to a modern audience for great value! The vintage Americana imagery appeals to both kids and nostalgic adults. Plus, the back cover contains helpful information in a vintage style, including the multiplication table and various measurement tables. Their slim silhouette and low price point make them attractive to shoppers for personal use or as gifts.

Whether you're just starting your Laughing Elephant collection or need to replenish your stationery offerings, this bundle provides a quick and convenient way to fill your displays, easily merchandised on various fixtures.

Each notebook is: 

  • 5.5" x 7.25" (13.97cm x 18.415)
  • 24 pages, lined
  • Printed on eco-friendly recycled paper
  • Paperbound
  • Designed, printed, and hand-assembled in Seattle
  1. Whiz, 16896J
  2. Big 5, 16896J
  3. Bicyclist, 16889J
  4. Ready, 16025J
  5. Special Value, 16032J
  6. Composition, 15851J