A Girl Meets The Fairies - Birthday Greeting Card

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INSIDE GREETING: Wishing you a magical birthday.

This girl stumbles upon a magical scene in A Girl Meets the Fairies by Susan B. Pearse! Active as an artist during the Victorian era's fervor for fairy paintings, Pearse contributed to this genre with her unique perspective. While successful male artists of the time often saw their works displayed in museums, women artists like Pearse found their creations more commonly gracing popular culture as book illustrations and postcards, weaving a distinct and imaginative thread into the artistic fabric of the era. See this image as an art print!

Susan Beatrice Pearse (1857-1930) is best known for her impactful work on the Ameliaranne series, which centered around the life of the eldest daughter of a struggling washerwoman. Her artistic talents also extended to noteworthy projects such as Arthur Mee's The Children's Encyclopaedia, where her illustrations enhanced the learning experience for young readers, and an iconic advertising campaign for Start-rite Shoes. Through her distinctive artistic style and memorable works, Pearse has left an artistic legacy of ethereal images of children and nature.

This product was custom-designed and created at our location in Seattle.

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A6 (4.5" X 6.25") with Envelope


Susan B. Pearse