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Discover New Occasion Greeting Cards!

Find the Perfect Card for Every Moment

Our eclectic array of 14 new cards offers a treasure trove of sentiments waiting to be shared. From whimsical fairies and joyful birthday greetings to encouragement during difficult times, let our cards be the messenger for your shoppers' cherished occasions!

New Letter Writing Sets!

Color Theory and Playful Puppies

Fill your shelves with vibrant letter writing sets! Our puppy-themed set is perfect for all the dog lovers out there, and our Color Theory set is sure to ignite anyone's inner artist!

Celebrate with Style: Introducing 13 New Birthday Cards!

Find the Perfect Birthday Greeting for Every Customer

Our latest batch of Birthday cards features 13 vibrant and unique designs, ranging from dancing ladies to celebratory animals to cute cowboys!

Our Story

We are Laughing Elephant, a greeting card and gift company founded in 1969. Our warehouse and retail store are located in Seattle, Washington, and we are the keepers of one of the largest libraries of illustrated books and ephemera in the United States.

From this library, we draw inspiration and images that become the source material for all our offerings. We curate our collections with the goal of sharing beautiful images with the world. 

We celebrate the golden age of design, when artists and illustrators were an integral part of advertisements and merchandising. Their beautiful, hand drawn images inspire us to make gifts and cards you will love.