Mr. Tambourine Man - Psychedelic Posters Notebook

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24 pages, lined

This vibrant poster featuring a sunglass-clad Bob Dylan as Mister Tambourine Man captures the essence of the psychedelic era, blending music, vivid colors, and the spirit of youth culture that flourished in 1967. Using a photograph of Dylan sourced from a book as a base, Sharp infused the image with a dense, colorful overlay, and his girlfriend, Eija Vehka Aho, contributed to the intricate detailing of Dylan's hair. This mesmerizing poster sold over one hundred thousand copies within three years!

Martin Sharp (1942-2013) was an Australian artist and filmmaker known for his distinctive 1960s music posters and psychedelic creations. Renowned as an innovator of psychedelic art, his iconic designs adorned the posters of legendary musicians like Bob Dylan, Donovan, Cream, and Jimi Hendrix. With a penchant for embedding letters, photographs, and bizarre cartoon figures into psychedelic patterns, his work was a testament to his unique vision and creativity. After attending the National Art School in Sydney, Sharp moved to London, where he gained national acclaim as the artistic director of the popular satirical magazine Oz. Today, his artworks are cherished in collections worldwide, and his contributions have earned him the title of Australia's foremost pop artist.

The back cover contains helpful information in a vintage style, including the multiplication table and various measurement tables.

This product was custom designed and created at our location in Seattle.

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Product Specs

5.5" X 7.25", 24 Pages, Paperbound, Lined Pages


Martin Sharp