Diving Lady - Birthday Greeting Card

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Dive right into the celebration with this sleek birthday card! Adapted from a 1938 Art Deco travel poster by Gert Sellheim, the original image encouraged beach exploration with the caption "The Seaside Calls: Go by Train - Take a 'Kodak.'" This artwork was part of a campaign by Victorian Railway, enticing travelers to journey by train to the beautiful beaches of Australia. The seaside joy captured in this design makes it a perfect choice to convey birthday cheer!

Gert Sellheim (1901–1970), a German-Australian artist renowned for his bold graphic design, was born in Estonia to German parents. Initially studying architecture at universities in Germany, he moved to Western Australia in 1926 and later established an architecture and design practice in Melbourne in 1930. His relocation to Sydney in 1947 marked a pivotal period in which he gained acclaim for designing iconic posters for the Australian National Travel Association, including the distinctive flying kangaroo logo for Qantas Airways. Beyond his architectural and design pursuits, Sellheim's travel posters played a crucial role in promoting Australia to a global audience. Today, his legacy lives on through his well-deserved place in the Australian Graphic Design Association Hall of Fame.

This product was custom-designed and created at our location in Seattle.

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A6 (4.5" X 6.25") with Envelope


Gert Sellheim