Mother Rabbit with Little Rabbits - Easter Greeting Card

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Grace Wiederseim Drayton (1877-1936) grew famous with her drawings of chubby children which we still call the Campbell Soup Kids and which she called the Roly Polys. Drayton, who was born in Philadelphia, though she lived and worked most of her life in New York, was chosen in 1904 by Campbell Soup to advertise their many canned soups. Her lovable children proved extremely popular and lasted for decades, though growing progressively less roly poly.

Grace said she based the children on her own looks. She said, I was much interested in my looks. I knew I was funny. I used to look in the mirror, and then, with a pencil in my round chubby fingers, I would sketch my image as I remembered it. My playmates were always delighted with the resultsand they always recognized me.

Our notecards are custom printed at our location in Seattle, WA. They come bagged with an envelope.

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Grace Drayton