Wicked Witches & Creepy Cats Postcard Book - 30 Vintage Halloween Postcards

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30 unique images with a vintage postcard back, dividing line and stamp box.

Our selection of 30 witch and black cat images include the mildly frightening witch, the adorable child witch, the pretty lady witch, one rather odd witch driving a roadster, and many very fine black cats.

Only when darkness comes does Halloween truly begin. Night is the time for mystery, for deviltry, and for fright. All manner of mysterious and sometimes frightening creatures emerge from the shadows, including the two featured in our Wicked Witches and Creepy Cats: A Halloween Postcard Book. Along with the pumpkin, the witch and her feline familiar are the most enduring symbols of All Hallows’ Eve, and thus are richly represented in the many Halloween postcards that were printed in the picture postcard’s Golden Age (1890 to World War I.)

Product Specs

6.5" X 4.75", 30 Postcards, Softbound