Christmas For Children Postcard Book - 30 Unique Vintage Postcards

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30 unique images with a vintage postcard back with dividing line and stamp box.

Children, in their innocence, appreciate Christmas in a direct manner that is too often lost to us as adults. We celebrate this phenomenon in this postcard book containing 30 reproductions of vintage holiday images selected from our favorite Christmas postcards of children enjoying the holiday season.

The end of the 19th and the early 20th century were a rich time for postcard publishing. Millions of postcards were produced, sent and enjoyed. Almost every subject was explored, holidays of course being a favorite occasion on which to mail a card, and Christmas prime among those holidays. These detachable postcards are suitable for short Christmas correspondence, party invitations, thank you notes, or as a small art book to be kept intact and enjoyed every year.

Product Specs

6.5" X 4.75", 30 Postcards, Softbound